Drupal 8 is seven times bigger than Drupal 7

Drupal 8 has arrived, and it’s big, very BIG. I thought it would be fun to measure exactly how big and compare it to some of the other PHP-based frameworks we know and love. I’ll use Drupal 7 as the baseline.

Table 1: Drupal’s expanding code base
Framework Lines of Code
Drupal 6 21,417 (25%)
Drupal 7 86,686 (100%)
Drupal 8 606,382 (699%)

For comparison, here are a couple of popular non-Drupal packages

Table 2: Moodle is still the Big Kahuna of PHP projects
Framework Lines of Code
WordPress 144,850 (167%)
Drupal 8 606,382 (699%)
Moodle 3 1,170,358 (1,350%)


Relative sizes

Drupal 6

Drupal 7


Drupal 8

Moodle 3

My line counts were made by downloading the lastest versions of Drupal 6, 7, 8, WordPress, and Moodle, then counting the lines with Sloccount. Sloccount is a marvelous way to total up  millions of lines of source code.

Learn You Some Shell

Here’s the list of shell programming resources I recommend to my students.

Basic skills for Unix newbies

These tutorials cover the basic skills you need to perform basic tasks on Unix systems. Since 99% of all web sites are deployed on Unix/Linux, you really do need to know this stuff.

  1. Command Line Crash Course This tutorial stands above the others because it provide lots of examples and exercises. Best of all, it’s honest, and comes with a full blast of Zed Shaw.
  2. UNIX Tutorial for Beginners
  3. Learning the Shell
  4. Unix for Mac OS X Users
Shell Programming

Once you learn basic Shell skills, you’ll want to learn about Shell programming.


Unix Shell Programming by Michael Kochan is my go-to shell book.

College Courses

The best course I know of is Greg Boyd’s face-to-face CS 160A and 160B courses at CCSF. Take them if your live in the Bay Area.