Learn You Some Shell

Here’s the list of shell programming resources I recommend to my students.

Basic skills for Unix newbies

These tutorials cover the basic skills you need to perform basic tasks on Unix systems. Since 99% of all web sites are deployed on Unix/Linux, you really do need to know this stuff.

  1. Command Line Crash Course This tutorial stands above the others because it provide lots of examples and exercises. Best of all, it’s honest, and comes with a full blast of Zed Shaw.
  2. UNIX Tutorial for Beginners
  3. Learning the Shell
  4. Unix for Mac OS X Users
Shell Programming

Once you learn basic Shell skills, you’ll want to learn about Shell programming.


Unix Shell Programming by Michael Kochan is my go-to shell book.

College Courses

The best course I know of is Greg Boyd’s face-to-face CS 160A and 160B courses at CCSF. Take them if your live in the Bay Area.

Windows 10 couldn’t be installed…

It turns out that installing Windows 10 onto a dual-boot system requires taking a long walk barefooted through Microsoft MBR Recovery Hell. When I wiped the grub boot sector and restored the Windows MBR, I got the dreaded “Missing Operating System” message and had to use my Linux Mint Live Install disk to rebuild grub. That’s when I decided that Windows 10 will not got onto my main machine — I’ll install in on one of the laptops I never use.

Windows 10 Failure to install
Windows 10 won’t install on a dual-boot system.

When you read about the endless crash loops that some people are experiencing, I’m thinking that maybe failure Win 10’s failure to install is actually a blessing, like dodging a bullet.


Overheard at CCSF — A DevOps Certificate in the making

The scuttlebutt is that a DevOps certificate is in the future of the CCSF CS Department. I won’t say any more than that at this point, but the department has been actively promoting new certificates, and DevOps is definitely a high priority for our industry advisors. But, you’ll have to be patient. It usually takes 6 to 9 months to get a concept into the curriculum. While you’re waiting, take some Unix and programming courses. This course is going to be very popular when it lands.